Wednesday, 14 May 2008 17:17
Off site Service $65/hr
Minimum 1 hour labor, billed in 15 minute incriments
This is our most economical way to service computers for the home user.  Not only is it our least expensive rate, but we will only bill you for time we are at the computer.  This means that if it only takes 30 minutes to prepare your computer, then an hour to scan for viruses, we would only bill you for the 30 minutes we are actually working on your computer!

On Site $75/hr
Minimum 1 hour labor, billed in 15 minute increments
This is the most convenient, and quickest way to service your computer.  We will come on site, so you won't need to detach and re-attach all of your peripherals.  You can also wait while your computer is being fixed on the spot - no waiting 2-3 days for your computer to be returned to you.  You might also find it more convenient to ask any questions you may have about the issue while the technician is on site, making it easier to understand the issue when you are both at the computer.

Networking and Server Support $95/hr
Our networking services include support for existing networks, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and most any other network problems.  We also support Microsoft Server operating systems from Windows Home Server to a full Windows Server installation.  We would be happy to design a server solution that would work for your business (or even your home).

Emergency 2x normal rate
When service is required immediately, we will provide you with our undivided attention.  However since we must stop all other projects and our other clients must wait, we do charge double our standard rates in the event of an emergency service call.

Pickup/Dropoff in area $20
(less than 10 miles from NW 164th St & N Penn)
Due to the cost of fuel, along with the transit time required for our technicians, we do charge this one time (per service call) service charge or convenience fee for picking up and dropping off your equipment for off site service.  Even with this cost, we still provide some of the most (if not the most) competitive rates in the Edmond/OKC metro area.

Service Charge out of area $25 + $.85/mile over 10 miles
(up to 50 miles from NW 164th St & N Penn)
Again due to the cost of fuel and the increased transit time for out of area visits, we charge this one time (per service call) fee.

Cable Runs  
Single Drop $60
Double Drop $80
We will run your network or A/V lines for you so you don't have to do the dirty work!  The amount is based on the number of lines "dropped" to a single location from your central networking location.  This price is for labor only for new construction, and does not include materials.  For existing construction, please refer to the "Networking and Server Support" rates plus materials.
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